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What career fields are possible with a political science degree?

Thank you for the question.

The House of Commons

25 May 2023

During my studies at university, I really enjoyed focusing on British politics and learning about the way that Parliament works. A lot of female Members of Parliament had just entered politics so I was particularly interested in whether women would make a difference to the way Parliament operated. This interest led me to undertake further studies after my undergraduate degree and win a scholarship to complete a PhD. Following the completion of my PhD, I obtained a research job in a university and have subsequently developed a career in academia. 

However, I did consider other career paths such as working in the Civil Service or British Parliament.

I also worked for a short time in a ‘think tank’.  A think tank is an organization that gathers a group of interdisciplinary scholars to perform research around particular policies, issues or ideas. Topics addressed in think tanks can cover a wide range, including social policy, public policy, economic policy, political strategy, culture and technology.

The British Council website says ‘graduates in political science are in high demand due to the high flexibility of their skills. Career paths can range from roles in local government or civil service to journalism consultancy, commerce or charitable work. So wherever you want to go, that success is ready and waiting...’