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Is anthropology a good career option for me?

I am bad at physics and maths but I have great interest in biology, history, geography and English. So is anthropology a good choice?

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28 February 2023

Anthropology is the study of humanity and so, as you would expect, covers a lot of different subjects including the ones you mention. An interest in biology, history, geography and English is shared by many anthropologists because a lot of anthropology centres on the biology of humans (in fact there is a specific sub-discipline called Biological Anthropology), the history of different human groups, societies, and ways of thinking, the geographical distribution of people and the influence geography plays on culture, identity, politics, development, and relationships to each other and nature, and how what we study relates to popular culture, literary works, and key thinkers across disciplines. Which of the different fields of anthropology you choose will determine your career prospects. For example, if you do choose biological anthropology, you may be able to access jobs in human health, animal health, human evolution and genetics, and archaeology. If, however, you instead chose the field of material culture, you would be looking more at jobs in museums or potentially private companies or government (such as if you specialised on how people use technology for example). I study environmental anthropology and so my options are mostly in relation to conservation organisations, consultancies, government, and also local councils. Some of my colleagues have even started their own charities or consultancies. And don't forget that following a career path in academia to become a researcher, lecturer, or professor is popular amongst all types of anthropologists. Anthropologists are considered to be well-equipped for many jobs because we learn about how to communicate well with other people and how people behave which can be very useful. So, it's likely that there is a good career for you in anthropology, but the specifics of whether you consider it good - the hours, the pay, the amount of you enjoy it, the impact you have - will all depend on the specific role.