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Why should we care about the Amazon deforestation when it is so far away?

We should care about Amazon deforestation for three reasons.

Kayak on the amazonian rainforest

5 April 2023

1. What happens in the Amazon affects us all.

Our planet's environments and continents are connected. Destroying Amazon forests contributes to human causes of the changing climate. Then, droughts and floods in China and the UK are affected.

Many medications that save our lives, such as for treating cancer, come from plants and animals in different parts of the world. Destroying Amazon forests might prevent or delay the discovery of a medication that could heal anyone on Earth.

2. We can improve ourselves by learning from the Amazon.

We all need water, food, and shelter. Having nature nearby can support our health and our lives through cleaner air, quieter communities, opportunities for exercise, and learning about nature. Rather than wrecking forests, even far away forests, living with nature and working together to live with nature helps us all. Learning from successes in the Amazon can improve life in China and the UK—as well as the other way around. If we see only failures elsewhere, then we should learn by avoiding similar failures.

3. Everyone is a human being, even if far away.

Many people live in the Amazon. Some feel forced to destroy the forest in order to live. Some are being hurt by the destruction of their forest home. They are all human beings and they do not deserve to suffer. By learning from the difficulties and by thinking about actions to do better, we might be able to help other people. We will certainly learn plenty and then be able to help ourselves avoid similar problems and resolve existing ones.

Caring about others and caring about the environments of others is good for humanity and improves our own lives.