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What colleges or universities offer a wide range of science courses in England?

Most universities in the UK offer a range of undergraduate science courses

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2 March 2022

According to UCAS, there are currently over 6000 science-related courses across 257 universities in the UK! A handful of universities, for example, Imperial, offer purely sciences; however, the majority of universities, including UCL, offer a wide range of science courses alongside other areas like Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

If you’re interested in studying science at university, I’d recommend having a look at the UCAS subject guide  (UCAS is the website you’ll use to eventually apply to university if you decide to go). It has useful guides to loads of subject areas, and the particular courses available within them. This can give you a good starting point to understand the types of courses out there and may introduce you to some subjects you’ve never even heard of. It may be that you wish to directly study your favourite school science subject, like Biology or Chemistry. Alternatively, you might wish to combine multiple sciences in a course such as Natural Sciences. Or you might be interested in specific aspects of a certain subject, like Microbiology, or Medicinal Chemistry. You might have a particular career goal in mind, for example, you may want to be a Pharmacist, Doctor, or Chemical Engineer. It’s always good to start thinking about course choices early, but keep your mind open and be willing to change – when you start studying things in more depth in your A levels (or equivalent qualifications) you might find that your interests shift a bit, and that’s ok!

Once you’ve decided on the course areas you are interested in, then it’s time to start looking at universities that offer this, using the UCAS course search – apart from a few very specific courses that are only offered at a handful of universities, you should have a lot of choices of where to study your chosen science, from big cities such as London or Birmingham to smaller towns or cities like Aberystwyth or Durham.