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Should I mention my Autism in my personal statement?

It can be hard sometimes to know when and how to disclose any difficulties you may have, below we give you some guidance on what to do when applying to universities.

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15 December 2021

The main purpose of the personal statement is to demonstrate to your university choices that you are a strong candidate to study the subject you’re applying for.
This means that primarily you should be discussing your interest in the subject, what you have done to demonstrate that interest (such as wider reading, research, attending events, taking part in activities that relate to the subject), as well as what other qualities you possess that show you are a dedicated student, and what you have done that can demonstrate these skills.

If you feel that Autism has influenced your interest in your subject (for example, if perhaps your own diagnosis led you to an interest in psychology as an academic subject), or contributed to your study skills, then it might well be relevant to mention. However, if you just wish to inform your university choices about your Autism so they are aware of any additional support you require, then there will be plenty of time for you to declare this once you have received any offers. 

Once a university has made an offer to you, and you have accepted them as your firm or insurance choice, we recommend you get in touch with their student support or disability teams to outline what (if any) additional support you may require, and they can then work with you to ensure you have everything you need in place by the time you start studying there.