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Terms of Service for Media Equipment Loans

The following information explains the terms and conditions of using this service. You will need to agree to read and agree to the terms stated before booking any media loan equipment.

Terms and conditions of use


University academic staff may borrow media equipment and accessories on a loan basis subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

Audio-visual, video, and photographic equipment is expensive and currently in demand by staff. In order to effectively and efficiently manage the loan of equipment and to ensure that all users have an equal opportunity to access the equipment they need, the University requires that users must agree to comply with these terms and conditions if they want to borrow such equipment.

Terms and conditions of loan:


  • Equipment: this term refers to all audio-visual, IT or other technical equipment lent by you by the ISD Educational Media team
  • Improper use: in this instance means using the equipment otherwise than in accordance with the manufacturers and/or ISD Educational Media's instructions; using the equipment for a purpose other than intended, and failing to protect it from loss or damage.
  • Loan Period: the period for which we agree to lend you the equipment.
  • University: this term we are referring to UCL only.
  • Ban: putting a stop on your borrowing privileges from ISD Educational Media.

Equipment ownership and loan requests

  • All booking requests made by UCL academic staff are subject to approval by the Educational Media team.
  • Whilst we will endeavour to meet all requests we reserve the right to reject any such requests on the basis of it being too short notice, lack of resources, or time of year.
  • All bookings must be made a minimum of two working days in advance of your chosen collection date. We need this time to ensure the equipment will be available, cleaned in line with Covid guidelines and that batteries etc. are fully charged
  • We ask wherever possible you recharge all rechargeable batteries or replace any disposable batteries you may use before returning the equipment.
  • All equipment remains the property of the University and as such ISD Educational Media reserves the right to ban you from borrowing equipment in the future, should equipment in your care be damaged or not returned within the agreed loan period.

You should note that:

  • The University reserves the right to invoice you for the full value of the equipment should it be damaged, lost or not returned.
  • Equipment cannot be used in connection with any illegal or criminal activities. This is subject to an automatic ban and referral to the appropriate authorities.
  • Booking requests with a high number of loan items and/or high-value items may be subject to Educational Media approval.


To be eligible to borrow equipment you must be:

  • A member of academic staff currently employed by the University and have a valid staff/employee employment number.

And you must have all the following:

  • Hold and produce on request a current valid staff card
  • Not have failed to return any equipment for which the loan period has expired
  • Not be banned from borrowing equipment from ISD AV, IT for IOE, or ISD Educational Media

Loan period and penalties for late return

  • Equipment loans are for short-term irregular use only and therefore we cannot authorise and confirm regular and frequent bookings.
  • If a piece of equipment is required in this capacity, then the user will need to speak to their Department or Faculty to enquire about other options.
  • The maximum loan period is 4 days, but this is dependent on the time of year and availability of equipment requested.
  • Under no circumstances can this be extended during term time.
  • Special exceptions during any vacation period may be possible at the sole discretion of the Educational Media team.
  • A user cannot self-renew an item of equipment.
  • Failure to return items on time may have a negative impact on your borrowing privileges. This may also affect other staff requesting the equipment so please take that into consideration before making a loan request.
  • ISD Digita Media also reserves the right to invoice you for the full value of the equipment if not returned within the agreed loan period.

If you fail to return the equipment by the due date for return, you will be unable to borrow any further equipment until such time as the equipment is returned.
Failure to return the equipment on time, and if we are unable to contact you for an explanation, will result in the team contacting your line manager, HoD or Faculty Dean and this may result in the equipment being reported as stolen to the Police.

Your responsibility for the care of the equipment

  • Equipment must be collected and signed for from the ISD Educational Media Service desk in the Cruciform Building, B.3.09.
  • Equipment must be collected by the user who booked the equipment and you must have your valid University ID staff card to show to the ISD Educational Media team. In no circumstances can anyone collect the equipment on your behalf.
  • Non-collection of booked kit: if you have not collected requested kit after 24 hours from the confirmed time/date of collection, the team will email you to see if you still want the equipment.
  • If the Service Desk has not had a response after a further 24 hours, the loan will automatically be cancelled and the equipment will no longer be available for collection.

Returning equipment

  • If you are unable to return the equipment in person, then you can have a student or member of staff return the equipment on your behalf, but please note you are still solely responsible for that equipment until it is checked and is signed back into the loan stock.
  • You must endeavour to prevent loss or damage to the equipment whilst it is in your care.
  • In the event of loss due to theft, you must report the missing items as soon as possible to the ISD Educational Media team by calling 02031089340 or emailing educationalmedia@ucl.ac.uk. If stolen you should also report to the police and request a crime number.
  • You must return all loaned equipment to the ISD Educational Media service desk so that the equipment can be tested, inspected for any visible damage and signed back in. It will only be at that time that ISD Educational Media will confirm that your loan will be ‘completed’.

Improper use of equipment

  • You must not allow or carry out any improper use of the equipment
  • You agree to pay the cost of full repair or replacement of any equipment lost or damaged as a result of your negligence or improper use.
  • You must not use or allow the use of the equipment in a way that puts you or anyone else in direct or indirect danger of their safety. Health and Safety is taken very seriously by the University and any proven misuse of equipment in dangerous or unsafe conditions will result in loan privileges being removed.

Your agreement to these terms and conditions

You will be asked to sign for the equipment upon collection. Your signature confirms that you accept and agree to abide by these terms and conditions when borrowing equipment.