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Case Study: The Petrie Book

Photography case study of Ancient Egyptian artefacts from the Petrie museum at UCL. Creative Services from UCL Educational Media.

Gold Mummy Face from Petrie Museum

The Petrie Book

Photographing Petrie's ancient Egyptian treasures by UCL Educational Media

The centenary of the opening of the Petrie Museum was on the 7th June 2015.  To honour this occasion a glossy book was created. The book was to have a narrative style that would appeal to the general public. It would give an overview of the range and scope of the collection. No good book is complete without pictures. We were commissioned to take some new pictures, and others were chosen from our archive. All the pictures on this page were taken by Mary Hinkley and they all appear in the book.

More information about the Petrie book can be found by following the link below:

What we did

Ancient Artefact Photography
Object Photography
Book design


Golden Egyptian Mummy face mask with a smile


Petrie Book Ancient Egyptian Artefact - Limestone relief carving of Nefertiti (UC038)

Petrie Book Ancient Egyptian Artefact - Mummy portrait scanned from a 4 x 5 inch transparency (uc14692)

Petrie Book Ancient Egyptian Artefact - The Tarkhan dress (uc28614b)




Petrie Book Ancient Egyptian Artefact - Drawn woman with primate  (uc15946)

Petrie Book Ancient Egyptian Artefacts - Beads and necklace (uc10733)

Petrie Book Ancient Egyptian Artefact - Pair of Socks  (uc16766)