Holborn Police Station Visit

On January 15, the CPC team visited the Camden Police Borough Headquarters and met with Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Packer. The goal of the meeting was to foster cooperation with our industry partners and to discuss the development of practical tools for policing.


The conversation focused on predictive policing, mapping, and public perception. PDRAs and PhD students were given the opportunity to ask questions and to explore how their tools might be used by police officers.


In turn, DCI Packer emphasised the importance of tradecraft and communication, and expressed the hope that the collaboration could aid the borough in cutting crime rates. The CPC team deeply appreciates his knowledge and willingness to answer our questions. We look forward to future cooperation and are excited at the prospect of helping the Met Police!

Team members: Prof Tao Cheng (P-I), Toby Davies, Chris Gale, Gabriel Rosser, Sarah Wise, Monsuru Adepeju, Huanfa Chen, Kira Kowalska, Juntao Lai, Jianan Shen, Dawn Williams

Metropolitan Police: Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Packer

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