COVID-19 Longitudinal Health and Wellbeing National Core Study



COVID-19 Longitudinal Health and Wellbeing National Core Study

Mental Health

Mental health in relation to changes in sleep, exercise, alcohol and diet during the COVID-19 pandemic: examination of four UK cohort studies | medRxiv

Psychological Distress Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Sociodemographic Inequalities in 11 UK Longitudinal Studies | medRxiv

Healthcare Disruption

Impact of First UK COVID-19 Lockdown on Hospital Admissions: Interrupted Time Series Study of 32 Million People by Syed Ahmar Shah, Sinead Brophy, Jonathan Kennedy, Louis Fisher, Alex Walker, Brian Mackenna, Helen Curtis, Peter Inglesby, Simon Davy, Sebastian Bacon, Ben Goldacre, OpenSAFELY Collaborative Group, Utkarsh Agrawal, Emily Moore, Colin Simpson, John Macleod, Roxane Cooksey, Aziz Sheikh, Srinivasa Vittal Katikireddi :: SSRN

Population birth outcomes in 2020 and experiences of expectant mothers during the COVID-19 pandemic: a ‘Born in Wales’ mixed methods study using routine data | medRxiv

Inequalities in healthcare disruptions during the Covid-19 pandemic: Evidence from 12 UK population-based longitudinal studies | medRxiv

Society and Health

The UK Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and changes in diet, physical activity and sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from eight longitudinal studies | medRxiv

The UK COVID-19 furlough scheme and associations with smoking, alcohol consumption and vaping: evidence from 8 UK longitudinal population surveys | medRxiv

Association of COVID-19 employment disruption with mental and social wellbeing: evidence from nine UK longitudinal studies | medRxiv


Association of COVID-19 vaccines ChAdOx1 and BNT162b2 with major venous, arterial, and thrombocytopenic events: whole population cohort study in 46 million adults in England | medRxiv

Recording of “COVID-19 vaccine declined” among vaccination priority groups: a cohort study on 57.9 million NHS patients’ primary care records in situ using OpenSAFELY | medRxiv

Describing the population experiencing COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough following second vaccination in England: A cohort study from OpenSAFELY | medRxiv


Changes in the rate of cardiometabolic and pulmonary events during the COVID-19 pandemic | medRxiv

Convalescence Study

Long COVID Outcomes

Overall and cause-specific hospitalisation and death after COVID-19 hospitalisation in England: cohort study in OpenSAFELY using linked primary care, secondary care and death registration data | medRxiv

Rates of serious clinical outcomes in survivors of hospitalisation with COVID-19: a descriptive cohort study within the OpenSAFELY platform | medRxiv

Association of COVID-19 with arterial and venous vascular diseases: a population-wide cohort study of 48 million adults in England and Wales | medRxiv

Long COVID Risk Factors 

Risk factors for long COVID: analyses of 10 longitudinal studies and electronic health records in the UK | medRxiv