COVID-19 Longitudinal Health and Wellbeing National Core Study


Society and Health


We aim to understand the economic, social and health impacts of the pandemic, the extent to which it is widening or narrowing inequalities, and the factors which shape vulnerability and resilience to its effects.


The COVID-19 pandemic and non-pharmaceutical interventions implemented in response have led to a drastic change in the daily lives of the UK population. Understanding how people’s economic, social and health outcomes evolve and how the pandemic affects different population sub-groups at different life-stages has considerable policy importance, since the pandemic is not only an infectious disease crisis but also an economic and social crisis.


We are employing longitudinal population-based cohorts, linked administrative data and electronic health records to produce novel and impactful insights to reduce the impact of the pandemic.


Contact: Professor George B. Ploubidis g.ploubidis@ucl.ac.uk