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Research Fellows Davide Piras and Alessio Spurio Mancini receive Alan Turing Institute PDEA

6 April 2022

Research Fellows Davide Piras and Alessio Spurio Mancini, who conduct interdisciplinary research in the Cosmoparticle Initiative, have both received Alan Turing Institute Postdoctoral Enrichment Awards.

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The award was created to enhance connections between UK postdoctoral researchers working on topics related to data science and AI, and provides development and networking opportunities, allowing recipients to learn new skills, collaborate and develop independent research.

“This award is given to facilitate interdisciplinary research at the intersection between artificial intelligence and various scientific disciplines, so it comes at the perfect time having just started my postdoc in explainable AI applied to cosmology,” said Davide Piras.

“This will allow me to develop connections with other early-career researchers, sharing what I have been working on so far and learning from such a diverse range of experiences. We also got the opportunity to attend and speak at the AI UK 2022 conference, one of the broadest meetings in artificial intelligence in the UK, where you can hear about the exciting progress that is being made in so many different fields by working across disciplines. By creating a community of postdoctoral researchers with similar interests, the hope is to further enhance these cross collaborations and maximise the impact of the research we produce.”

Within the Cosmoparticle Initiative, Davide Piras works with Hiranya Peiris and Andrew Pontzen on developing new methods for explainable artificial intelligence, while Alessio Spurio Mancini works with Benjamin Joachimi on applying machine learning methods to cosmology and other fields such as Earth Sciences.

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