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Hiranya Peiris unveils the story of the universe at “Science and Cocktails” in Copenhagen

17 December 2021

In November, Hiranya Peiris gave a talk at “Science and Cocktails”, an international event series which combines public lectures with music/art performances, followed by discussions over smoky dry-ice chilled cocktails.

Hiranya Peiris at Science and Cocktails, 2021

The events aim to create a relaxed platform where researchers and audience are on equal footing, and talks are followed by direct engagement between scientists and the public.  At DR Konserthuset in Copenhagen, Hiranya Peiris gave a talk titled “The Universe: a detective story”.

Hiranya said: “It was amazing to talk at this stunning venue to about a thousand people in person, especially after the enforced zoom-world of the recent years. The composition of the audience was a wonderful surprise, unprecedented in my experience of talking about cosmology: about 60% female. I enjoyed talking to so many people afterwards about science, cocktail in hand.”

Science & Cocktails was founded by Jácome Armas in 2010 in Copenhagen, and currently runs events in Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, and Johannesburg. It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the communication of scientific research to the general public, and was awarded the Genius Prize for science communication by the Danish Association of Science Journalists.

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Hiranya Peiris’s Talk is available here. More info on “Science and Cocktails and upcoming events can be found here.