Our lab offers a friendly and multidisciplinary environment

A cortical neuron and its presynaptic partners
We are proud of having mentored a diverse cohort ot talented researchers, and we strive to build a collegial, long-lasting relationship that continues beyond their stay in our laboratory. We particularly encourage applications from women and underrepresented minorities. 

When we have positions open, we advertise them on this page. However, please do contact us even if we haven't advertised a position. We respond to all enquiries as long as they explain the specific interest in our research. Please read below for more information.


We are hiring two postdocs! Please see here for instructions on how to apply. The deadline is on 30th April

Our research involves combinations of multiple approaches, so we are open to people with a variety of backgrounds. It helps to have  a grounding in quantitative matters (e.g. math, engineering, computer science, physics) and/or experience in experimental techniques such as behavior, two-photon imaging, or electrophysiology. But these are not essential requirements. Essential requirements are ability to analyze data (in Python or Matlab), and productivity. The latter is usually demonstrated by publications, but not always.

In addition to extensive on-the-job training in scientific and technical matters, we are happy to mentor postdocs in other aspects of the profession, such as writing research proposals and papers, inspecting and presenting data, giving talks, supervising students, and more.  The strongest asset of our laboratory are the people, and we strive to nourish them with a strong collaborative culture and attention to work-life balance. Postdocs are also assisted by an excellent technical team. 

PhD students

We welcome PhD students from a variety of PhD programs at UCL, including:

Please follow those links if you are interested in applying, and consider that they operate independently, so it makes sense to apply to multiple ones. If you are selected for interview, we can arrange for visits to our laboratory and discuss possible rotations.

* This programme limits the number of students allowed to work in affiliate labs such as ours. If you are considering working with us we would therefore recommend also applying to other UCL PhD programs without this limitation.

**This program decides each year whether to allow students to join individual labs like ours. We cannot predict their decisions.

Rotations and internships

We try our best to accommodate rotations for UCL students from PhD programs, and if we can, we also consider UCL students from MRes or MSc programs or undergraduates. Due to space limitations, however, we can rarely accommodate students from outside UCL. If interested, please contact one or both of the PIs and specify whether you are giving them permission to forward your cover email and CV to the rest of the laboratory.

Research technicians

We offer a nurturing environment for research technicians, with on-the-job training in some of the most advanced neuroscience techniques of our time. We generally hire when we have a specific vacancy, which we advertise on this page. If interested please contact the Laboratory Manager.