Resources for managers

On this page, you’ll find documents and resources for managers to make sure campus is as safe as possible

Remember, you must stay at home, inform your line manager and use the UCL Connect to Protect reporting tool if: you think you may have coronavirus; you have tested positive for the virus; you are waiting for the results of a coronavirus test; you need to self-isolate.

Report or manage a potential case

Signage, posters and digital materials

UCL has created a suite of materials to support departments when their staff return to campus. These include signage for the one-way system on campus; markers to show which desks can be used safely at a distance; and posters and leaflets to let your colleagues know what UCL is doing to keep them safe and how they can make a difference. 

To help people recognise the campaign wherever it appears on campus and make sure our messages have the most impact, it's important that you use the designs below rather than creating your own versions. You can choose which materials you need from the pdf files and purchase them from the suppliers we’ve listed, who will deliver them directly to your department.

Signage, posters and building guide

The file below includes pull up banners, directional arrows, no exit and desk signs as well as posters about keeping safe on campus and testing, which can be printed at A4 or A3 size.

These materials are available to order from Belmont Press and Orbital Signs.

  • To order from Belmont Press get in touch with David Gowler at d.gowler@belmont.co.uk or call 01604 596506 / 07850 209254. 
  • To order from Orbital Signs get in touch with John Wood at johnwood@orbitalsigns.co.uk or call 07887 575821. John can also arrange a survey of your buildings and recommend which signage you need to help people navigate the space safely. 


Follow the links to MediaCentral to pick up the codes to embed or share.

Staff - How UCL is keeping you safe
Access the video on MediaCentral

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Staff- How you can stay safe on campus 
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Students - Safety for students on campus
Access the video on MediaCentral

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Students - Planning your day
Access the video on MediaCentral

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The science behind why you should self-isolate if you have coronavirus, Professor Anne Johnson
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The science behind 'Hands, Face and Space', Professor Ivan Parkin
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Take a tour of Bidborough House with Carol Paige, Democracy, Operations and Community Officer from Students’ Union UCL.

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Thank you for keeping campus safe
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Social media

Short videos

A selection of snippets taken from the information videos highlighting key safety messages to share through social media are available to download from the shared folder


Digital screens

We have also produced portrait and landscape images to fit standard UCL digital screens. These will be added automatically to all centrally managed screens. Please download these files if you wish to add them to any additional screens.