Convince Hemodiafiltration Dialysis Study


New project manager at UMCU

11 September 2020

New project manager at UMCU

Geerte Slappendel

A hearty welcome to Geerte Slappendel who has taken over the project management for CONVINCE from Merel Sondervan.  Geerte’s function will be to act as a link between the consortium and the EU: advising the consortium on rules and guidelines on the one hand and keeping the EU up to date on progress and status on the other – not unlike a clinical trial manager, but for the larger consortium. Geerte has been carrying out project management for EU funded research projects for 3 years now, starting at Erasmus MC, and moved to UMC Utrecht in July, where she is managing several different projects. Geerte started her career as a psychologist and researcher, and takes that curiosity with her in the work that she does now, which is why she likes managing research. One of the joys of Geerte’s work is that she gets to learn bits and pieces on a wide range of different subjects.