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Centre for Teaching & Learning Economics (CTaLE) win UCL Education award 

7 June 2018

Centre for Teaching & Learning Economics (CTaLE) win UCL Education award

The CTaLE team have been awarded a UCL Education Award for their efforts to encourage cultural change, the Centre for Learning and Teaching in Economics was set up in 2015 to foster a greater teaching ethos and to encourage greater interaction with research-based education. The team developed a holistic approach and included Faculty, students and the professional services team, where they developed a series of initiatives and innovations to embed active research across all modules.  This will be rolled out from fully from 2018/19. 

CTaLE were recognised for "revolutionising how economists educate and are educated, via First Year Challenge, Explore Econ conference, Skills Lab workshops and beyond."

The Team, headed by Parama Chaudhury, currently train the Foreign & Commonwealth Office's staff and diplomats around the world in economics, ranging from how different markets and exchange rates operate to the economics of climate change and macro-economic crises.  More details can be found here: FCO training

CTaLE Team:  Ramin Nassehi, Kylie Groves, Cloda Jenkins, Parama Choudhury, Antonio Cabrales, Gonzalo Paz Pardo, Christian Spielmann & Nirusha Vigi.

"The awards are testimony to a lot of hard work and true best practice, that the department will continue to work hard to emulate"  said Antonio Cabrales (Head of Economics at UCL).