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UCL-Energy co-authors final report on 'selecting indicators to measure energy poverty' for the European Commission 

9 June 2016

EU Lights

The recently published European Commission (EC) report was co-authored by UCL-Energy Senior Researchers Steve Pye, Ian Hamilton, Paolo Agnolucci and David Grover. This report is part of a European Commission Pilot Project titled: Energy Poverty - Assessment of the Impact of the Crisis and Review of Existing and Possible New Measures in the Member States.  Through this project, the EC aims to support Member States in protecting vulnerable consumers and to address energy poverty by identifying best practices and supporting information exchange. 

The aim of this report is to support the EC to better understand energy poverty by improving EU wide data collection and monitoring. The report assesses 178 indicators used in the literature and in official reports as well compiling a set of supporting indicators that capture factors that relate to energy poverty and can help explain and predict the phenomenon. The report also explores options for the development of a tool to monitor energy poverty and provides a roadmap for how the tool may be used. The full report can be found by clicking on the link below.

Selecting Indicators to Measure Energy Poverty

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