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Research Volunteers

Apply to be a research volunteer at the Constitution Unit

Working as a research volunteer at the Constitution Unit is an ideal way for recent graduates to gain experience of work in an academic research centre that is also a think tank, and to do research linked to policy. Past research volunteers have included students in their holidays, postgraduates thinking about continuing their studies to Masters or PhD level, and civil and public servants who work for us part-time or on secondment. 

" Our volunteers have gone on to work in think tanks, Whitehall, Westminster, the law, consultancy and academe. I am still writing references for them five years afterwards, and am very happy to do so. I feel very proud of our volunteers and what they have gone on to do. Professor Robert Hazell 

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants will have or be near to completing a degree or equivalent in Politics, Law or a related subject. The candidates should be highly motivated, have excellent interpersonal skills, be able to work independently and have good analytical and writing skills. We regret that full-time students cannot apply, except that we do accept undergraduates who are on their summer break. Part-time students are welcome.

" The Unit is a friendly and welcoming place to work, which made for a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience! You have real responsibility from day one, and as a volunteer, have the opportunity to attend events which attract the highest calibre of speakers. Matthew, former volunteer

Value & Benefits

Each research volunteer is typically assigned to one of our researchers to assist them with a single project throughout their three months here at the Unit. This gives research volunteers the opportunity to build a close working relationship with their supervisor and gain a real feel for the day-to-day process of academic research. It gives your research skills a more practical edge and affords you real responsibility over and independence in your task. 

The work is varied and will be assigned to reflect volunteers’ skills and areas of interest. We very much value the work done by our volunteers, who are treated as full members of our small and friendly team. We invite volunteers to come to our team meetings and contribute to our publications, newsletter and blog, and the whole team work together to organise our regular events and seminars. Volunteers gain a real taste of what academic and policy research is like, and make an important contribution to our research projects. In return we will provide volunteers with extra skills and careers advice, and a reference for when they leave.

" Thanks to mentoring by both of my supervisors, I now have a more realistic idea of where I want to establish a career and how to get there. Chris, former volunteer  

Duration & Expenses

We advertise for research volunteer opportunities quarterly. Positions last for three months, full or part time. We are flexible as to working hours but we hope volunteers can work for a minimum of three days per week. The positions are voluntary, but the Unit will cover up to a maximum of £250 a month for travel expenses. If you are in the office for fewer than 5 days a week but prefer to buy a travel card, we can cover the relevant proportion of the cost of the travel card up to the £250 per month limit.

Areas of Research

Research volunteer positions are currently available in the following areas:

  • To work with Professor Meg Russell on research on the British parliament and parliaments comparatively (e.g. conducting literature searches, summarising recent debates, coding parliamentary speeches)
  • To work with Dr Alan Renwick on research on elections, referendums, and citizens’ assemblies (including literature reviews, data collection/cleaning, and interpreting ongoing political developments)
  • To work with Professor Robert Hazell on preparations for a comparative conference of the eight monarchies in Europe, to be held in London from 4 to 6 March

Those wishing to join our team should refer to the research currently undertaken at the Unit and specify which area or areas they might like to contribute to.

" Being at the Constitution Unit was a rewarding experience. I felt valued as a member of the team, took on stimulating work and I was able to make a real contribution to the Unit’s research. Will, former volunteer

Application Procedures

Next application deadline: 09 November 2018

To make an application please click on the Apply Now button below, which will take you to our online application form. As part of the form, you will be asked to upload

  • An up-to-date CV
  • A covering letter stating why you are a suitable candidate
  • A piece of work, for example a recent short essay, no longer than 3000 words


*Note to students: Full-time students (except undergraduates in the summer before their final year) are not eligible to volunteer at the Constitution Unit during their period of study. Part-time students are eligible at any point.

If you have further questions, please check our FAQS or email constitution@ucl.ac.uk

We advertise for volunteers four times a year

January - March 2019
Application deadline: 9 November 2018

April - June 2019
Application deadline: 22 February 2019

July - September 2019
Application deadline: 10 May 2019

October - December 2019
Application deadline: 16 August 2019

How long will it take before I hear that I have been selected?

Once we have received all our applications, it may take up to three weeks after the closing date to hear whether you have been selected for an interview.

We strive to contact all applicants to let them know whether they have been successful or not. 

UCL's Volunteer Policy 


  • will have an arrangement with UCL which does not entitle them to a financial reward or benefit in kind for work they perform under the arrangement 
  • do not have to turn up for work if they don't want to (even if you or their colleagues expect them to or they generally work to a regular pattern) 
  • cannot be dismissed, sued for breach of contract or have payment or reward withheld if they fail to do the work or perform the services they were providing.
" My time at the Unit was wonderful – a flexible, friendly and informal atmosphere with some challenging work which required self-motivation. former volunteer