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International Focus

A closer look at FOI around the world

Privacy International's World Map of FOI laws

Over 90 countries around the world have some form of Freedom of Information regime. Some international organisations do too. Each month (date in brackets) we put together information about a different one.

    Argentina (May 2011)Germany (Oct 2011)Mexico (Dec 2010)
    Australia (Nov 2010)India (Nov 2011)Peru (Aug 2011)
    Canada (May 2010)Indonesia (Apr 2012)Russian Federation (Sep 2011)
    Chile (Jan 2011)International Monetary Fund (Jun 2011)Sweden (Jul 2010)
    China (Sep 2010)Ireland (Mar 2012)South Africa (Aug 2010)
    EU (February 2011)

    Israel (May 2012)

    Thailand (Apr 2011)
    Finland (Jun 2010)Japan (Jan 2012)Ukraine (Jul 2011)
    France (Oct 2010)

    Malaysia (Feb 2012)

    Zimbabwe (Mar 2011)