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Deliberative Democracy

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Recent years have seen a wave of interest in doing democracy in a more deliberative way, enabling citizens to participate in reflective and informed discussions about key policy questions before reaching decisions. The Constitution Unit is at the forefront of applying such approaches in the UK. In recent projects, the Unit has taken part in running citizens' assemblies to explore how such bodies could help resolve complex policy problems. In other projects, the Unit has examined ways in which deliberative approaches to politics could be applied in the UK context.


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Democracy in the UK after Brexit

A project using surveys and a citizens’ assembly to examine public attitudes to democracy in the UK today.

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Doing Democracy Better

Research into how we can improve the quality of information that is available during election and referendum campaigns and help voters to access it.

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Citizens' Assembly on Brexit

A project that allowed citizens to engage in reflective and informed discussions about what the UK’s post-Brexit relations with the European Union should be.

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Democracy Matters

The Democracy Matters project ran two citizens' assemblies in autumn 2015, which considered local governance and Britain's constitutional future.