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Monitor 85: Positioning for the next election

9 November 2023

The latest edition of Monitor is now available!

Keir Starmer presents new MPs to Labour Party colleagues

The latest issue of the Constitution Unit’s newsletter, Monitor, is now available. Published three times a year, Monitor provides a unique round-up and analysis of constitutional developments over the preceding four months.

Monitor 85 is available in both online and PDF formats. You can use the online version to find and share the stories that interest you the most or, if you would prefer, you can read and print the PDF version.

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Among much else, this edition of Monitor covers:

  • Controversies over the government’s attitude to parliamentary scrutiny
  • Recent decisions over the alleged misconduct of parliamentarians
  • Demands for reform of House of Lords appointments
  • The Electoral Commission’s report on the impact of voter ID
  • The government’s response to multiple reports on ethical standards
  • Progress and tensions in English devolution policy
  • The Senedd reform agenda
  • Public opinion on cultural changes versus constitutional reforms

In Unit news, we published a new report on perspectives on the Belfast/Good Friday agreement over the past 25 years in July. And, in September, we brought out a new report on MPs’ staff, the final output from Rebecca McKee’s British Academy Fellowship. Later this month, we will be hosting an event to mark the final report of our Democracy in the UK after Brexit project: a webinar featuring a panel of leading figures from Westminster and experts in this area, free to attend and open to all.

You can also find Monitor’s lead story by Meg Russell and Alan Renwick on the Constitution Unit blog.

Featured image: Keir Starmer presents new MPs to Labour Party colleagues (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by keir.starmer.mp.