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Johnson's Constitutional Reform Agenda: Conference, 17–18 June 2021

Houses of parliament under scaffolding

The government had a wide-ranging agenda for constitutional reforms on page 48 of its 2019 election manifesto. This conference, co-organised by the Constitution Unit, the Department of Politics & International Relations at the University of Oxford, and UK in a Changing Europe (UKICE), brought together politicians, policy-makers and academic experts to discuss the government’s progress so far, and what lies ahead. This page contains video and audio recordings of the panel and Q&A sessions from across the two-day conference, and links to suggested reading materials.

Day 1, Thursday 17 June

Day 2, Friday 18 June

Keynote speech: Overview of the government's agenda

Speaker: Lord Chancellor, Robert Buckland QC MP.

Chair: Prof Meg Russell FBA, Constitution Unit, UCL.

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Suggested reading:

Judicial review, human rights and judiciary

Speakers: Lord Faulks QC, Chair of the Independent Review of Administrative Law;  Prof Kate O'Regan, Director of the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, Oxford; Joshua Rozenberg QC (Hon), legal commentator and journalist.

Chair: Prof Catherine Barnard, Oxford and UKICE.

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Suggested reading:

Review of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011

Speakers: Lord McLoughlin, Chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Review of the FTPA; Chris Bryant MP, member of the Joint Committee on Review of FTPA; Prof Petra Schleiter, Oxford; and Prof Alison Young, Cambridge.

Chair: Prof Meg Russell FBA, Constitution Unit, UCL.

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Suggested reading:

Elections and Referendums - updating campaign regulation for a digital era

Speakers: John Pullinger, Chair of Electoral Commission; Dr Kate Dommett, Sheffield; and Prof Rachel Gibson, Manchester.

Chair: Dr Alan Renwick, Constitution Unit, UCL.

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Suggested reading: 

Devolution and the future of the Union

Speakers: Prof Adam Tomkins, Glasgow; Prof Laura McAllister, Cardiff; Prof Katy Hayward, Queen’s University Belfast; and Prof John Denham, Southampton.

Chair: Prof Robert Hazell, Constitution Unit, UCL.

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Suggested reading: 

Re-balancing between parliament, executive and the courts

Speakers: Dominic Grieve QC, former Attorney General; Peter Riddell, Commissioner for Public Appointments; Prof Meg Russell FBA, Constitution Unit, UCL; and Prof Tim Bale, Queen Mary, University of London.

Chair: Prof Petra Schleiter, Oxford

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