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Brexit: Its Consequences for the EU's Political System - Briefing Paper & Video

5 May

UCL Constitution Unit Briefing Paper 2


Brexit: The Consequences for the EU's Political

How would Brussels manage the negotiation process, constitutionally and politically? What would be the short-term institutional consequences of Brexit for the UK's MEPs, the 2017 UK Presidency, and voting rights in the Council of Ministers? In the long run, how would Brexit impact on the balance of power between member states in the EU's policy-process?

Speakers include: 

  • Professor Kenneth Armstrong, Professor of European Law, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Simon Hix, Harold Laski Professor of Political Science, LSE
  • Sir Stephen Wall, Official Historian at the Cabinet Office and former Permanent Representative to the European Union


  • Dr Christine Reh, Senior Lecturer in European Politics at UCL