The Constitution Unit


Brexit, Federalism and Scottish Independence

13 February 2017


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Jim Gallagher has suggested that the return of powers from Brussels not only to Whitehall, but also the devolved governments, presents an opportunity to move the UK towards a confederal constitution (Constitution Unit Blog 10 October).  Kezia Dugdale has called for a People's Constitutional Convention to devise a new Act of Union.  Kenny MacAskill sees some advantages in a confederal solution, and federalism is a longstanding policy aim of the Liberal Democrats.


  • Chair: Kenny Farquharson, Senior Writer for The Times Scotland
  • Prof Jim Gallagher, Nuffield College, Oxford
  • Kenny MacAskill, former SNP Justic Minister in Scotland
  • Kezia Dugdale, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party 
  • Baroness Jenny Randerson, former Liberal Democrats Minister, Wales Office