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Bob Morris

Bob Morris

Email: morrisrm238@tiscali.co.uk
Tel: 020 8693 3635

Bob Morris is a former Home Office career civil servant. Over nearly 40 years, his work spanned the normal departmental duties of dealing with, for example, immigration, policing and public control and public protection functions. He was also involved in legislation and state litigation, acting as private secretary to Home Secretaries and as a secretary to public inquiries - in Northern Ireland and on the UK prison services. One of his later Home Office posts had responsibility for the Home Secretary's then constitutional functions in relation to the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, and certain royal and ecclesiastical matters.

At the Unit, Bob has been involved with a variety of interests and latterly he has tended to lead on ecclesiastical and royal issues, for example on the Succession to the Crown Act 2013, at the same time contributing to the recent study on Commons Public Bill Committees led by Meg Russell.


(i) Books and Articles

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  • 'The Future of the Monarchy: The Reign of King Charles III' in Hazell R (ed.) (2008) Constitutional Futures Revisited: Britain's Constitution to 2020 (Palgrave), 139-155.
  • Main author: Church and State in 21st Century Britain: The Future of Church Establishment (2009) (Palgrave)
  • 'The Future of "High" Establishment' (2011) Ecclesiastical Law Journal, 260-273.
  • 'Succession to the Crown Bill' (2013) Ecclesiastical Law Journal, 186-191.
  • With Norman Bonney:

    • 'Tuvalu and You: The Monarch, the United Kingdom and the Realms' (2012) Political Quarterly, 368-373.
    • 'The Commonwealth in the Twenty-first Century' (2012) Political Insight, 26-29.

(ii) Book reviews

Research Projects: