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The Financial Computing and Analytics research group investigates socio-economic systems using methods from computer science, applied mathematics, statistics, statistical physics and network theory.

Computable Contracts

Computable Contracts aim to transform the activity of commercial contracting. Whereas contracts are currently static documents that are often disconnected from other business activities, in the future they will be more interactive and integrated expressions of the intentions of the parties that are understandable by computers as well as by humans, and that have significantly greater levels of digital connectivity. This will provide significant improvements in operational efficiency and pave the way for new business models.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts utilize computer technology to automate an agreement. However, the term "smart contract" is used in different ways according to context: as originally envisaged in the mid 1990s by Szabo, the term "smart contract" embraced automation at many different levels during the lifecycle of an agreement; yet since 2013 it has also been used to describe computer code developed for a scripting functionality provided by some distributed ledger systems (e.g. Ethereum).