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Research groups

UCL Computer Science is a world-leading centre for research, impact and innovation. We are one of the UK’s major centres for Computer Science research, and internationally one of the leaders in the field.

Our research is motivated by an ambitious intellectual and practice-oriented mission and underpinned by external funding from a variety of sources. We collaborate on projects and initiatives with a wide range of banking, technology and governmental organisations in a range of countries and cities and have a breadth of interdisciplinary activity.

Robot surgery

Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems conducts research on algorithms, hardware and software systems that enable sensing, (semi) autonomous operation and decision making across a range of real-world domains, such as UAVs and robotics

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The Bioinformatics group develops and apply state-of-the-art computational techniques to tackle problems now arising in the life sciences, particularly those now appearing in the post-genomic era.

Heston's Stocks

Financial Computing and Analytics

The Financial Computing and Analytics research group investigates socio-economic systems using methods from computer science, applied mathematics, computational statistics and network theory.

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Information Security

The Information Security Research Group's research addresses key technical aspects of information security and privacy, such as cryptography and system security.

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Intelligent Systems

The Intelligent Systems Group conducts research into the theory and application of artificial intelligence.

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Media Futures

Media Futures conducts research on data analytics for purposes of information retrieval, inference of an individual’s and a population’s health

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Multi-Sensory Devices

Multi-Sensory Devices (MSD) group works at the intersection of embedded systems, applied robotics and actuator technology to create new forms of interactive multisensory user experiences.

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Programming Principles, Logic, and Verification

The Software Systems Engineering Group's research is to produce mathematically rigorous concepts and techniques that aid in the construction and analysis of computer and information systems.

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Software Systems Engineering

The Software Systems Engineering Group investigates engineering principles, methods, notations, infrastructures and tools for distributed and mobile software systems.

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Systems and Networks

The Systems and Networks Research Group at UCL is a global leader in the design, building, and analysis of networked computer systems.

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Statistical Machine Learning

The Statistical Machine Learning group's expertise is in data-efficient machine learning, probabilistic modelling, and autonomous decision making.

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Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics

Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics' research spans from real-time computer graphics rendering to human factors issues in virtual reality.

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Vision and Imaging Science

Computer Vision and Image Processing aims to extract useful information from images and movies using mathematical techniques including geometry, statistics, physics and statistical decision theory.