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Steering AI: new podcast navigates the future of Artificial Intelligence

12 March 2024

The UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence has launched a new podcast series, exploring the vast potential and challenges of AI technology with leading experts.

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Steering AI aims to unravel the complexities of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on society. Hosted by Reuben Adams, a PhD student at UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence, the podcast invites listeners to dive deep into discussions with leading academic experts on the frontiers of AI research. 

Steering AI seeks to address the critical questions surrounding AI's role in our future - from the potential risks it poses to our information environment and societal biases, to its capabilities in solving pressing global issues like the energy crisis and revolutionising healthcare.  

The podcast aims not only to shed light on the challenges ahead but also to explore how we can steer towards a future where AI contributes positively to human advancement. 

The series kicks off with episodes featuring Professor Marc Deisenroth, Lewis Griffin, and Chris Watkins, offering diverse perspectives on the advancement and ethical considerations of AI technologies.  

Available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music, Steering AI makes for compelling listening for any AI enthusiast, including academics, students, and industry professionals. 

Commenting on the podcast, Reuben Adams said: “It is undeniable at this point that AI is going to radically shape our future. After decades of effort, the field is finally creating systems robust enough to survive the rough and tumble of the real world. We launched this podcast to address the growing need to anticipate the consequences of our research. 

AI is already having an impact on the environment with the surge in chip production, our social interactions with recommender systems, and legal decisions with automated hiring, firing, bail decisions and more. Soon we will have to tackle deepfaked political campaigns, huge impacts on the job market, and autonomous lethal weapons.” 

UCL has a world-renowned reputation for AI research and teaching. UCL Computer Science is consistently ranked among the top computer science departments in the world, and the UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence is a leading research institution in the field.  

For more details and to listen to the episodes, please visit the Steering AI Podcast webpage. 

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