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UCL and Facebook AI Research to deliver PhD programme

26 February 2021

This new strategic partnership between UCL and FAIR, sees Facebook’s PhD programme launch in the UK for the first time.

Red Bus in the UCL  front Quad in front of the Wilkins Portico.

We are pleased to announce UCL has agreed a four-year research partnership with Facebook AI Research (FAIR), enabling PhD students to spend time at both UCL Computer Science and Facebook.

The FAIR London site already hosts a number of PhD students, including Patrick Lewis, a third year research student working on teaching machines to answer any natural language question. Patrick is equally immersed at both UCL and Facebook, noting: “Unlike a summer internship, the FAIR PhD programme provides the continuity that allows for deeper collaboration, enabling us to build out long research visions and execute on them."

Prof Nigel Titchener-Hooker, Dean of UCL Engineering

UCL Engineering is a Faculty at the forefront of innovation and research, and our Department of Computer Science is no exception to this. This strategic partnership between Facebook AI Research and UCL Computer Science will enable the next generation of innovators to excel in some of the most exciting and important areas of artificial intelligence research.

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