2015/16 Intake

Jorge Menendez Canelas

  • Menendez, J. A. (2016) Towards a computational account of art cognition: unifying perception, visual art, and music through Bayesian inference. Electronic Imaging pp. 1-10(10). (link)

 William de Cothi

  • Spiers, H. J., de Cothi, W., & Bendor, D. (2017). Manipulating Hippocampus-Dependent Memories: To Enhance, Delete or Incept?. In The Hippocampus from Cells to Systems (pp. 123-137). Springer International Publishing. (link
  • de Cothi, W., & Spiers, H. J. (2017) Spatial Cognition: Goal-Vector Cells in the Bat Hippocampus,  Current Biology, 27(6), R239-R241.  (link

Joshua Russell-Buckland

  • Joshua Russell-Buckland, Matthew Caldwell, Ilias Tachtsidis (2017) A cross-platform interface for the BCMD modelling framework, Wellcome Open Research. (link