CoMPLEX research is led by members drawn from over 35 Departments and Institutes across UCL. Our research is organized across the biological scales that contribute to biological complexity:

  • Biomolecular Mechanisms - Imaging, optical and scanning probe approaches to nanoscale bioscience
  • Integration of Cellular Function - Cancer biology, immunology and computational approaches to genomic, metabolomic and proteomic data
  • Physiological and Neural Systems - Biology of physiological systems, biophysics of vascular fluid mechanics, hearing and ion channels, neuroscience of vision and hearing
  • Evolution and Dynamics of Populations - Molecular evolution, evolutionary genomics and proteomics, regulation of gene networks, evolution and ecology of populations

This diversity exploits the unique breadth of research strength at UCL. In all cases, research projects involve active collaboration between scientists drawn from across the interface of the mathematical and life sciences.

Mark Ransley Research