2014/15 Intake

Rachel Coy

  • Coy, R. H., Evans, O. R., Phillips, J. B., & Shipley, R. J. (2016) An Integrated Theoretical-experimental Approach to Accelerate Translational Tissue Engineering. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. 10.1002/term.2346 (link)

Robert Gray

  • Robert Gray, David Albrecht, Corina Beerli, Gary Cohen, Ricardo Henriques, Jason Mercer (2018) Nanoscale Polarization of the Vaccinia Virus Entry Fusion Complex Drives Efficient Fusion. BioRxiv (link)
  • Gray, Robert DM, Jason Mercer, and Ricardo Henriques. (2017) Open-source Single-particle Analysis for Super-resolution Microscopy with VirusMapper."] JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) 122 : e55471-e55471. (link)
  • Gray, R. D. M., Parker, K. H., Quail, M. A., Taylor, A. M., & Biglino, G. (2016) A Method to Implement the Reservoir-wave Hypothesis using Phase-contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Elsevier. 3: 508-512 (link)
  • Gray, R. D. M., Beerli, C. Pereira, P. M, Scherer, K. M., Samolej, J., Bleck, C. K. E., Mercer, J., & Henriques, R. (2016) VirusMapper: Open Source Nanoscale Mapping of Viral Architecture Through Super-resolution Microscopy. Scientific Reports. 10.1038/srep29132. (link)

David Hodgson

  • Hodgson, D., Baguelin, M., van Leeuwen, E., Panovska-Griffiths, J., Ramsay, M., Pebody, R., & Atkins, K. (2017) Effect of Mass Paediatric Influenza Vaccination on Existing Influenza Vaccination Programmes in England and Wales: a Modelling and Cost-effective Analysis. The Lancet - Public Health. (link)

Timothy West

  • Timothy O. West, Luc Berthouze, Simon F. Farmer, David Halliday, Vladimir Litvak, Peter J. Magill, Andrew Sharott. (2018)Propagation of Beta/Gamma Rhythms in the Cortico-Basal Ganglia Circuits of the Parkinsonian Rat. Journal of Neurophysiology (link)
  • Timothy West, Victor Sojo, Andrew Pomiankowski, Nick Lane (2017)The origin of heredity in protocells.The Royal Society Publishing-Biological Sciences. (link)
  • West, T., Farmer, S., Berthouze, L., Jha, A., Beudel, M., Foltynie, T., Limousin, P., Zrinzo, L., Brown, P., & Latmir, V. (2016) The Parkinsonian Subthalamic Network: Measures of Power, Linear, and Non-linear Synchronization and their Relationship to L-DOPA Treatment and OFF State Motor Severity. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. (link)

Dimitris Voulgarelis

    • D.Voulgarelis, A.Velayudhan, F.Smith (2017) Stochastic analysis of a full system of two competing populations in a chemostat. Science Direct. (link)