2013/14 Intake

Mika Diamanti

  • Aman B. Saleem, E. Mika Diamanti, Julien Fournier, Kenneth D. Harris & Matteo Carandini.Coherent encoding of subjective spatial position in visual cortex and hippocampus. Nature (link)

Nils Gustafsson

  • Maurer, S. P., Cade, N. I., Bohner, G., Gustafsson, N., Boutant, E., & Surrey, T. (2014). EB1 Accelerates Two Conformational Transitions Important for Microtubule Maturation and Dynamics. Current Biology24(4), 372-384. (link)
  • Bohner, G., Gustafsson, N., Cade, N. I., Maurer, S. P., Griffin, L. D., Surrey, T. (2015). Important Factors Determining the Nanoscale Tracking Precision of Dynamic Microtubule Ends. Journal of Microscopy. (link)
  • Gustafsson, N., Culley, S., Ashdown, G., Owen, D. M., Pereira, P. M., & Henrioques, R. (2016). Fast Live-cell Conventional Fluorophore Nanoscopy with ImageJ Through Super-resolution Radial Fluctuations. Nature Communications, &, 12471. (link)

Ross Harper

  • Jason Somers, Ross E. F. Harper and Joerg T. Albert (2018) How Many Clocks, How Many Times? On the Sensory Basis and Computational Challenges of Circadian Systems. Front. Behav. Neurosci.  (link)
  • Harper, R. E. F.,Dayan, P., Albert, J. T., & Stanewsky, R. (2016). Sensory Conflicts Disrupts Activity of the Drosophila Circadian Network. Cell, 1711-1718. (link)

Alexander Fedorec

  • Leon, M., Woods, M. L., Fedorec, A. J. H., & Barnes, C., P. (2016). A Computational Method for the Investigation of Multistable Systems and its Application to Genetic Switches. BMC Systems Biology. (link)

Marc Williams

  • Marc J. Williams, Benjamin Werner, Timon Heide, Christina Curtis, Chris P. Barnes, Andrea Sottoriva & Trevor A. Graham. (2018) Quantification of subclonal selection in cancer from bulk sequencing data. Nature Genetics. (link)
  • Williams, M. J., Werner, B., Barnes, C. P., Graham, T. A., & Sottoriva, A. (2016). Identification of Neutral Tumor Evolution Across Cancer Types. Nature, 238-244. (link)

Liam Shaw

  • R. Wang†, L. van Dorp†, L. Shaw†, P. Bradley, Q. Wang, X. Wang, L. Jin, Q. Zhang, Y. Liu, A. Rieux, T. Dorai-Schneiders, L. Weinert, Z. Iqbal, X. Didelot, H. Wang, F. Balloux (2018) The global distribution and spread of the mobilized colistin resistance gene mcr-1, Nature Communications. (link)
  • U. Harjunmaa, R. Doyle, J. Järnstedt, S. Kamiz, J.M. Jorgensen, C.P. Stewart, L. Shaw, L. Hallamaa, U. Ashorn, N. Klein, K.G. Dewey, K. Maleta, P. Ashorn (2018) Periapical infection may affect birth outcomes via systemic inflammation. Oral Diseases, Oral Diseases. (link)
  • F. Lassalle, M. Spagnoletti, M. Fumagalli, L. Shaw, M. Dyble, C. Walker, M.G. Thomas, A. Bamberg Migliano, F. Balloux (2017)Oral microbiomes from hunter-gatherers and traditional farmers reveal shifts in commensal balance and pathogen load linked to diet, Molecular Ecology. (link)
  • L. Shaw, C. Barnes, N. Klein, A. Sarah Walker, F. Balloux  (2017) A perturbation model of the gut microbiome's response to antibiotics, BioRxiv. (link)
  • L. Shaw, A. Smith, A. Roberts  (2017) The oral microbiome, Emerging Topics in Life Sciences. (Link)
  • D. Jeffares, C. Jolly, M. Hoti, D. Speed, C. Rallis, L. Shaw, F. Balloux, C. Dessimoz, J. Bahler, F. Sedlazeck (2017) The human salivary microbiome is shaped by shared environment rather than genetics: evidence from a large family of closely related individuals, mBio 8:5. (Link)
  • Shaw, L., Harjunmaa, Ulla., Doyle, R., Mulewa, S., Charlie, D., Mleta, K., Callard, R., Walker, A. S., Balloux, F., Ashorn, P., & Klein, N. (2016). Distinguishing the Signals of Gingivitis and Periodontitis in Supragingival Plaque: A Cross-sectional Cohort Study in Malawi. Applied and Environmental Microbiology: American Society for Microbiology. (Link)
  • Jeffares, D. C., Jolly, C., Hoti, M., Speed, D., Shaw, L., Rallis, C., Balloux, F., Dessimoz, C., Bähler, J., & Sedlazeck, F., J. (2016). Transient Structural Variations have Strong Effects on Quantitative Traits and Reproductive Isolation in Fission Yeast. Nature, 8 (14061). (link)

Christopher Ruis

  • Christopher Ruis , Sunando Roy, Julianne R. Brown, David J. Allen, Richard A. Goldstein, Judith Breuer (2017) The emerging GII.P16-GII.4 Sydney 2012 norovirus lineage is circulating worldwide, arose by late-2014 and contains polymerase changes that may increase virus transmission, Plos One. (link)
  • Brown, J. R., Roy, S., Ruis, C., Romero, E. Y., Shah, D., Williams, R., & Breuer, J. (2016) Norovirus whole-genome sequencing by SureSelect target enrichment: a robust and sensitive method. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 54/10 2530-2537. (link)
  • Morfopoulou, S., Mee, E. T., Connaughton, S. M., Brown, J. R., Gilmour, K., Chong, W. K., Duprex, W. P., Ferguson, D., Hubank, M., Hutchinson, C., Kaliakatsos, M., McQuaid, S., Paine, S., Plagnol, V., Ruis, C., Virasami, A., Zhan, H., Jacques, T. S., Schepelmann, S., Qasim, W., & Breuer, J. (2016) Depp sequencing reveals persistence of cell-associated mumps vaccine virus in chronic encephalitis. Acta Neuropathologica. (link)

Talfan Evans

  • Daniel Fine English,   Sam McKenzie, Talfan Evans, Kanghwan Kim, EuisikYoon, GyörgyBuzsák (2017) Pyramidal Cell-Interneuron Circuit Architecture and Dynamics in Hippocampal Networks. Neuron, Volume 96, Issue 2. (link)
  • Evans, T., Bicanski, A., Bush, D., & Burgess, N. (2016) How Environment and Self-motion Combine in Neural Representations of Space. National Centre for Biotechnology Information. (link)


Hollie-Ann Hatherell

  • Hatherell, H., Colijn, C., Stagg, H. R., Jackson, C., Winter, J. R., & Abubakar, I. (2016)Interpreting Whole Genome Sequencing for Investigating Tuberculosis Transmission: A Systematic Review. National Centre for Biotechnology Information. (link)
  • Hatherell, H., Didelot, X., Pollock, S. L., Tang, P., Crisan, A., Johnston, J. C., Colijn, C., & Gardy, J. L. (2016) Declaring a Tuberculosis Outbreak Over with Genomic Epidemiology. (link)
  • Stagg, H. R., Hatherell, H., Lipman, M. C., Harris, R. J, & Abubakar, I. (2016) Treatment Regimens for Rifampicin-resistant Tuberculosis: Highlighting a Research Gap. Ingenta Connect. (link)

Peter Zatka-Haas

  • Burgess, C. P., Stenmetz, N., Lak, A., Zatka-Haas, P., Ranson, A., Wells, M., Schroeder, S., Jacobs, E. A. K., Reddy, C. B., Soares, S., Linden, J. F., Paton, J. J., Harris, K. D., & Carandini, M. (2061) High-yield Methods for Accurate Two-alternative Visual Psychophysics in Head-fixed Mice. Biorxiv. (link)

Daniel Temko

  • Daniel P Temko, Yu-Kang Cheng, Kornelia Polyak and Franziska Michor (2017) Mathematical modeling links pregnancy-associated changes and breast cancer risk. Cancer Research. (link)