Student Annual Conference 2016

1 May 2016

The annual CoMPLEX conference this year was held at Cumberland Lodge situated in Windsor Great Park. The theme this year was 'The (Mis)representation of Science', so along with great talks by both CoMPLEX PhD students and students from the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology, we had several invited speakers to talk about the theme.

Cumberland Lodge 2016

Joanne Thomas from Sense about Science talked about how to stand up for science and Dr Peter Broks gave us some insight into the history of popular science. 

The story of a particular clash between industry and academic freedom of speech was recounted by Adrian Timpson and our keynote talk at the conference was given by Prof David Colquhoun, who delivered an excellent talk on the problems of the academia system and the misuse of statistics, amongst many other important issues. 

We also had a very thought provoking discussion on 'Who is to blame for the misrepresentation of science', this was chaired by Science Communicator and actor Stephen McGann, and also featured Lucy van Dorp, Prof Andrew Pomiankowski and Dr Peter Broks. 

As well as promoting debate about the theme of the conference, the event was a great opportunity to talk about our research to one another in a relaxed environment.