Cognitive Benefits of Language Learning



This Special Research Project is part of the British Academy's initiative to deepen awareness and demonstrate the importance of languages. This project is concerned with language learning in relation to cognitive function across the lifespan, including modern and community language education, language skills, employment/ability, community cohesion, and public policy, and explores cross-curriculum and cross-societal benefits to individuals and various SEC groups.

Final Report

We intend our final report to initiate change in public understanding of the cognitive benefits of language learning and in the development of current and future strategies for language education in different contexts, in turn impacting on the wellbeing of individuals, coherence of communities, and the socio-cultural and economic development of Britain. 


A key longer-term legacy of our project will be a comprehensive, fully annotated, and searchable research corpus (searchable according to methods, sample, languages, learning conditions, modality, geography, etc.) for future research and teaching.