Department of Greek & Latin


Fiachra Mac Góráin

Associate Professor of Classics


Email: f.macgorain@ucl.ac.uk

Office hours:: Tuesday 5-6; Wednesday 12-1 (Term 1)

Research interests: Latin literature, especially Augustan poetry; Romans authors' use of the past, including the literary past; Virgil and his reception; Dionysus; Ireland and the Classics.

Research supervision: I am interested in supervising research students in Roman literature and culture and their reception. I value theoretically informed and interdisciplinary approaches, and have co-supervised with colleagues in other departments at UCL. I would be interested in co-supervising with colleagues at KCL, RHUL, the Warburg Institute, and the ICS.

I have recently co-supervised PhD theses on the imperial cult in Augustan poetry; Philodemus and Virgil; the modern reception of Greek tragedy; and narrative in Petronius. I am currently co-supervising PhD theses on animals in Valerius Flaccus; pastoral ancient and modern; felicitas/Felicitas in Rome; and rhetoric in Euripides.

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I completed a BA in Classics at Trinity College Dublin, and masters and doctoral degrees at the University of Oxford.

My research interests range widely over Latin literature and the history of interpretation. I find it fascinating to explore how we use and understand antiquity, sometimes with modern lenses, and sometimes with ancient ones.

I am particularly interested in Dionysus in the ancient world, and in the later reception of the god, and was the historical consultant for a BBC documentary with Bettany Hughes entitled Bacchus Uncovered, which also featured Phiroze Vasunia.

At present I am finishing a book to be entitled Virgil's Dionysus, and several articles on Virgil.

I organized a conference on Dionysus in Rome and Italy. I am currently editing the proceedings of this conference, which should appear under the title Dionysus and Rome.

Together with Valentina Arena (UCL History) I organized a colloquium on Varro and antiquarianism in the late Roman Republic. The proceedings were published as Varronian Moments in 2017.

I am very interested in promoting discussion between readers of Classical literature and literature from other cultural contexts. To this end, I co-organized (with Peter Mack) a colloquium on Roman satire and its reception, which took place at the Warburg Institute in October 2014.


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Working papers:

  • 'Dinneen's Irish Virgil.'
  • 'The Ancient Reception of Euripides' Bacchae from Athens to Byzantium', with Simon Perris
  • 'The Politics of Language in the Aeneid as compared with Friel's Translations.'