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Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi

elena cagnoli fiecconi

Contact: elenacagnolifiecconi (at)  gmail.com 

Research Interests: Ancient Philosophy, Virtue Ethics, Moral Psychology.

I work especially on Aristotle’s ethics and philosophy of mind, but I have broad interests in other ancient traditions. I also enjoy exploring the relevance of ancient views for contemporary philosophy of mind and ethics. I wrote my Phd under the supervision of Ursula Coope and Jessica Moss at the University of Oxford. Then I spent a year at the Thumos research group in Geneva. In 2017/18 I will be based at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute to work on a project concerning the links between Aristotle’s work on ethics, biology and psychology. From 2018, I will be lecturer at UCL.


Harmonia, Melos and Rhythmos. Aristotle on Musical Education. Ancient Philosophy 36 (2):409-424, 2016. Published Version and Draft

Aristotle on the Structure of Akratic Action. Phronesis 63(3): 229-256, 2018. Published Version and Draft

Enmattered Virtues. Metaphysics 1 (1): 63-74, 2018. Published Version (Open Access)

"Aristotle's Peculiarly Human Psychology" forthcoming in Aristotle's Anthropology, Ed. N. Kreft and G. Keil, CUP. Draft

"Elements of Biology in Aristotle's Political Science" forthcoming in Cambridge Companion to Aristotle's Biology, S. Connell (ed.), CUP