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Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi

Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy

elena cagnoli fiecconi

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Office Hours: Mon 11-13, Gordon House G04

Research Interests: Ancient Philosophy, Virtue Ethics, Moral Psychology. I work especially on Aristotle's ethics and philosophy of mind, but I have broad interests in other ancient philosophical traditions. I also enjoy exploring the relevance of ancient views for contemporary philosophy of mind and ethics. I am interested in supervising students working in any of these areas.

Bio: I joined UCL in 2018 after completing my graduate studies at the University of Oxford and two postdocs at Thumos in Geneva and at the Polonsky Academy in Jerusalem. I am a member of  the London Centre for Ancient Philosophy (L-CAP) and of the Keeling Centre for Ancient Philosophy.


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  • 'Aristotle on the Structure of Akratic Action'. Phronesis 63(3): 229-256, 2018. Published Version 
  • 'Enmattered Virtues'. Metaphysics 1 (1): 63-74, 2018. Published Version (Open Access)
  • 'Aristotle's Peculiarly Human Psychology'  in Aristotle's Anthropology, Ed. N. Kreft and G. Keil, CUP 2019. Published Version
  • "Elements of Biology in Aristotle's Political Science"  in Cambridge Companion to Aristotle's Biology, S. Connell (ed.), CUP 2021. Published Version
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  • ‘Aristotle on the Affective Powers of Colour and Pictures’ in 66e Entretiens sur l’Antiquité Classique, ed. by K. Ierodiakonou, 2020.

Penultimate drafts available for download on Philpapers