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Elizabeth McKnight

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Elizabeth McKnight

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Research Interests

Roman law, Roman political theory, and Latin prose literature.


I completed my PhD at UCL in 2018.  My thesis examined the way in which Roman law is portrayed in various prose authors of the late republic and the first century of the Roman empire. 

Since then, I have been working on revising my thesis for publication, and on various other projects relating to Roman law, Roman political theory, and Latin prose literature. 

My interest in Roman law stems, in part, from my work as a solicitor/solicitor advocate, which I pursued for more than 25 years after completing my undergraduate studies in Oxford and before returning to Classics in 2011.


  • ‘Offences against the res publica: public interest arguments in Cicero's forensic speeches’ Hague Journal of the Rule of Law, 2017.
  • ‘Roman Law in Roman Moral and Political Thought’ (monograph, in preparation).