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UCL Greek and Latin Sustainability

Welcome to the Department of Greek and Latin's Sustainability page.

The Department of Greek and Latin is committed to improving its environmental impact, supporting UCL's Sustainability Strategy and engaging peers and colleagues with these essential issues.


Sustainability Ambassadors and The Sustainability Council

The Student Sustainability Ambassador Programme and Student Sustainability Council opportunities are open now for the coming academic year! Applications for Ambassadors close on the 24th of October 2022, while applications for the Council close on the 31st of October 2022.


Sustainability Pledge

Greek and Latin Departmental Pledges

As part of the Green Impact award the Department has a number of pledges which we have made. These include switching-off during Easter and Christmas closures, saving paper, reducing travel, sustainable catering, discouraging the use of single-use plastic items, purchasing only fair-trade items, ecologically friendly washing-up liquid and promoting Green Impact to students. 

The full list of pledges are available for students to view either on the UG Handbook, the PGT / PGR Handbook and, for staff, the Staff Handbook

UCL Living Lab

Living Labs

At UCL we have a programme called Living Labs which means you can undertake your dissertation or research whilst solving some of UCL’s sustainability challenges on campus. After choosing a topic (we have a sustainability topic list for your inspiration) and speaking to your supervisor, get in touch with the Sustainable UCL team, who can provide feedback on your idea and share relevant data.


Sustainability Events

UCL’s Sustainability Events

If you prefer to join one-off activities, check out UCL’s sustainability events. Throughout the year, Sustainable UCL run bike sales and repair events, clothes swaps and planting events. Check out the Sustainable UCL website or Instagram pages to find out more about the dates for these events. 

You can also search for Sustainable UCL’s “Small Steps, Big Change” article, for things you can do straight away.

There is also a newsltter you can sign up for as either a student or member of staff. See https://www.ucl.ac.uk/sustainable/keep-updated-sign-our-newsletter to join in!

UCL Climate Hub

UCL Climate Hub

In 2020 UCL launched the UCL Climate Hub, a website to demonstrate the breadth of climate change research and action happening at UCL. Visit the Hub to find out what climate action and research UCL is doing and get inspired for your own studies or climate action. 

Green Impact find out more

Find Out More

In whatever capacity you are interested in sustainability, make sure to check out the Sustainable UCL website or social media channels for more information about sustainability at UCL or join our very own Green Team. 

girl getting onto bike

Cycle and Walk to UCL

Cycling and walking are two of the best ways to get to campus while getting some exercise. Also, with apps like Komoot, the journey to and from campus can become infinitely more interesting. 


Trees for Life

Rather than provide the Green Impact teams teams with an award that might sit on shelves gathering dust, UCL Sustainability pledged to donate trees to The UCL Grove which is located in the Scottish Highlands. In 2022 a total of 315 trees were donated on which of course comes with many benefits, including the potential sequestering of 18,900kg of carbon!!

Green Impact 2022

Green Impact

UCL Green Impact is an annual competition that allows the Department to keep sight of its goals and contribute positively to UCL Sustainability. Greek and Latin is the proud recipient of a Gold Award in 2022, its fifth successive Gold in as many years, after an inaugural Silver Award in 2017. We are always keen to have students join our Professional Services and Academic staff for the annual competition.

Generation One

Generation One

Together we are Generation One. Turning science and ideas into climate action that will help us create a positive, fair and progressive future.

For us and for generations to come. The time is now.


Contact us

For Green Impact general enquiries, please email: classics.office@ucl.ac.uk.