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Sophocles Antigone 2017


1-3 February 2017 at the Shaw Theatre, London NW1 2AJ

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Hayden Munt

Assistant Director
Tara Carlin

Movement Director

Dominyka Morkvenaite

Production Team
Marike Littlefair - Producer and Co-translator

Eleanor Savage - Assistant Producer

Luna Samar - Co-assistant Producer

Beatrice Bacci - Publications Officer

Guinevere Poncia - Photographer and graphic artist

Nik Niceheperovich - Co-translator and Artistic Consultant

Jo Howcroft - Production Manager

Chris Hoyle - Lighting Designer

Tor Porter - Stage Manager

Chloe Coillingwood - Hair

Elizabeth Creseen - Hair

Kira Amin - Makeup

Costume and Styling Director
Sophie Watson

Ema Mulla - Antigone

Nick Brown - Creon

Hannah Parker - Ismene

George Jibson - Tiresias

Zac Peel - Haemon

Mile Blanch - Messenger

William Mead - Guard

Stella Eliadou - Eurydice

Rosemary Moss - Chorus

Maciej Mańka - Chorus

Pilar Martin-Hernandez - Chorus

Akshay Nugent - Chorus

Ej Kok - Chorus

Jamie Hardie - Chorus

Felicity Wareing - Chorus

Matt Wilson - Chorus

Martha Christodoulou - Chorus

Richard Sansom - Chorus

Trevor Kowalski - Composer

Natalie Pound - Musical Director

Bona Wang - Violin

Evangeline Tang - Double Bass

Minhyuk Seo - Viola

Dale sewell - Second Violin