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Trojan Women 2013 Lecture Programme

Ancient Plays for Modern Minds: A Public Engagement Programme

To complement the production of Trojan Women, we shall be offering a series of talks and workshops which aim to illuminate the play and its context and to bring Euripides to life for a modern generation. This exciting programme includes talks by academic experts on ancient drama and its reception, as well as interactive workshops by contemporary theatre practitioners. There are events on every day of the play's performance, and each talk or workshop deals with an important angle of interpreting or performing the play. All of our speakers have experience in working with schools, and the events will be suitable for students of Classics, Classical Studies, and Drama, as well as accessible to those without prior experience of Greek drama.

Schedule for 2013

All events are free of charge and open to all. However, the participatory nature of the workshops means that space is limited, and pre-booking is therefore essential. We would also recommend pre-booking for the lectures, in order to avoid potential disappointment on the day: please reserve places for your group by emailing Rosa Andújar. The workshops will last approximately 2 hours; the talks will last approximately 45 minutes, with time for questions at the end. Please note that workshop participants should be aged 16 and above.

  • Tuesday 5th February

3.15-5.15pm - Participatory Workshop: David Stuttard: 'What's Hecuba to Him?'  *FULLY BOOKED*

6.00-7.00pm - Public Talk by Professor Simon Goldhill (Cambridge): 'Tragedy and the Trojan Women.' Venue: 26 Bedford Way, Ground Floor, Bedford Way LG04.  *FULLY BOOKED* (Please contact Dr Andújar to join the reserve list)   

  • Wednesday 6th February

3.15-5.15pm - Participatory Workshop: Russell Bender: 'Physical Approaches to the Greek Chorus.'  *FULLY BOOKED*  

6.00-7.00pm - Public Talk by Professor Chris Carey (UCL): 'In Search of Meaning: the World of the Trojan Women.' Venue: Roberts Building G06, Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre.

  • Thursday 7th February

3.15-5.15pm - Participatory Workshop: Deborah Pugh: 'Pushing The Space In Choral Work.'  *FULLY BOOKED* 

6.00-7.00pm - Public Talk by Dr Rosa Andújar (UCL): 'Good Grief: The Lamenting Women of Tragedy.' Venue: Wilkins Building, Second Floor, Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre.