Circular Economy Lab


Teaching: relevant programmes and modules

There are many programmes and modules that are related to Circular Economy at UCL. The most relevant ones currently are those listed below.

Search for more programmes using keywords such as Circular Economy, Environmental, Sustainable etc in the UCL Online Prospectus


MSc Sustainable Resources: Economics, Policy and transitions (SR)- started Sept 2016

MSc Environmental Design and Engineering (EDE)

MSc Environmental Systems Engineering (ESE)

MSc Sustainable Urbanism (SU)


BENVGEEB Industrial Symbiosis - Dr Teresa Domenech, An optional module for the MSc EDE and for MSc SR

BENVGSU7 Governance for Urban Sustainability - Professor Yvonne Rydin
BENVGSU8 Project module linked to above module

BENVGSR9 Eco innovation, Business and Market Development - Dr Will McDowall