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Affiliated Projects

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Bartlett Innovation Fund has funded a small pilot project with Arup, led by Dr. Ben Croxford, called Circular Economy Options for HVAC starting April 2018, more details to follow soon.

BauHow5 - A group of 5 European Built Environment Faculties, with Circular Economy as one of the themes. A design workshop on Circular University, and PhD days on Circularity in the Built Environment have already taken place.

SINCERE project, led by Professor Raimund Bleischwitz, UCL are the lead European partner, working with others including Professor Paul Ekins and Will McDowall; more information on UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources web pages.

Closing the waste-energy-food loop - applying anaerobic digestate to urban agriculture. Dr Aiduan Borrion's project, with Dr Robert Biel has been funded with a UCL Research Catalyst grant as part of UCL Grand Challenges.

Industrial Symbiosis in the Cement Industry - Understanding Metabolism of Toxic Metals in Co-Processing of Wastes (Stegemann) EPSRC/ Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (EP/M00337X/1) Diamond Light Source (Reference SP11156)

Cities of Making project - Dr Ben Croxford, Dr Teresa Domenech, further information here.

Affiliated People

Dr Charlotte Johnson, Researcher, has also been doing work including Anaerobic Digesters also, see here for R-Urban Wick pages.

Richard Hind, UCL School of Construction and Project Management, is a teaching fellow in Materials and Built Asset Management, teaching on the BSc Project Management for Construction with strong interests in sustainable resource use in construction.

Stijn van Ewijk, PhD Candidate, joint supervised by Dr Julia Stegemann, and Professor Paul Ekins is studying waste resources and environmental sustainability, particularly focussing on paper. See his blog here for more information.

Colin Rose, EngD Candidate, primary supervisor Dr Julia Stegemann, who is developing systems for reuse of building components from demolition, to retain their embedded value. (EPSRC/Poplar HARCA/Tower Hamlets)

Nino Jordan, PhD Candidate, Investigating Lobbying and Environmental Regulation, linked to RECREATE project supporting H2020 Challenge 5: Climate Action, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials of the EU. His work is also looking to score resource use more info here.

Miguel Casas Arredondo, PhD candidate (2015- ) with Ben Croxford and Teresa Domenech as second supervisor, looking at how to make office defits and refits more circular, working with UCL Estates sustainability team and focussing on SKA ratings.

Rukayya Ibrahim, PhD Candidate, Biofuels from Agricultural Residues (Stegemann/Borrion) Petroleum Development Fund

Kell Jones, EngD Candidate, Using Unconventional Materials in the Built Environment (Stegemann) EPSRC/Expedition Engineering

Konstantina Koutita, Sinan Kalaz, PhD Candidates, Circular Algal Systems for Ship Emissions Reduction (Stegemann/Smith)

Lijian Leng, PhD Candidate, Reclaiming Phosphorus from Biomass Ash (Stegemann/Bogush) CSC Scholarship

Sabrina Peters, PhD Candidate, Implications of Contamination for "End-of-Waste" Status (Stegemann) EPSRC

Affiliated Previous Projects

Urban Metabolism, led by Professor Vanesa Castan BrotoDevelopment Planning Unit

Policy Options for a Resource Efficient European Economy (POLFREE) (Ekins, Domenech) European Union (FP7-ENV-2012; Project 308371)

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