International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology



The ICCHA acts as a focus for Chinese archaeology related research in London, as well as the organization of joint conference in China. Associated with the ICCHA have been a number of post-graduate research students at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL. In the past we were able to offer scholarships, from a private source, to many such students, although this funding is currently no longer available.

In addition the ICCHA acts as a point of contact for affiliate students and visiting scholars from China. If you are considering the Institute of Archaeology as a place to go as an affiliated research, please follow the above links.

Steering Committee



Professor WU, Xiaohong 吴小红 (Director, ICCHA)

Professor HANG, Kan 杭侃

Professor ZHAO, Hui 赵辉

Professor ZHANG, Chi 张驰

Professor XU, Tianjin 徐天进

Dr QIN, Ling 秦岭

Dr ZHANG, Hai 张海

Dr DENG, Zhenhua 邓振华

Professor Sue Hamilton (Chair, Ex-officio Director, ICCHA)

Professor Dorian Q Fuller 傅稻镰 (UK Executive Director, ICCHA)

Professor Thilo Rehren 任天洛

Professor Jeremy Tanner 谭诺

Dr ZHUANG, Yijie 庄奕杰


UK Officer: PANG, Rui 庞