International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology


Dialogue of Civilisations

13 April 2015

ICCHA held its fourth international conference "Dialogue of Civilizations: Comparing Multiple Centers" in Beijing between 5-9 April 2015, with sponsorship from the National Geographic Society.


The conference is focused on the five major early civilizations, namely the Maya Region, Mesopotamia (and Anatolia), Egypt (upper and lower), Indus Valley (India and Pakistan), and China. The main aim of the conference is to create a platform for archaeologists working in these areas to discuss the origins and dynamics of these early civilizations, compare their similarities and differences and explore how the past can be used as a guide for our modern society. 

The five-day conference included thematic presentations and discussions by experts from all over the world to highlight their excavations and research. Additional lecture events aimed at a wider public were organised in Shanghai. A special exhibition "Power in Things" on the Liangzhu civilization and its stunning jade artefacts was opened at Peking University's Sackler Museum in conjunction with the conference in 5th April.

National Geographic Society, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and other institutes reported the conference and exhibition via social medias. 

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in Chinese:"早期文明的对话"国际学术研讨会在京召开

Exhibition and opening: 一个你不能错过的牛展,五大文明的扫地僧都来了

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