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Public Lectures & Workshops

International Workshop: Current Frontiers in Archaeobotany of Rice

Archaeobotany of Rice workshop
Date: 3-5 August, 2018
Venue: Peking University School of Archaeology and Museology, Beijing, China 


This symposium is sponsored by the Centre of Chinese Archaeology (Peking University), the Early Rice Project (University College London and UK Natural Environment Research Council) and the International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology (PKU and UCL). 

Participants came from across China (CASS, CAS, Zhejiang Institute, Hunan Institute, Sichuan University, PKU), Japan ( Kyushu University, Okayama University of Science) and UCL (Castillo, Murphy, Dal Martello, Fuller).  Programme is here

Public Lecture: The Conservation of China's Built Heritage: Goals and Challenges

The Conservation of China's Built Heritage: Goals and Challenges

Date: 6pm Thursday 21th October 2010
Venue: G6, Institute of Archaeology, UCL
Speaker: Professor Yisan RUAN (Tongji University China)


The concept of conserving our built heritage is firmly established in developed countries, where financial and moral support are forthcoming from both government and the public. But in emerging nations such as China, where there is a pressing need to modernise, conservation professionals find themselves having to persuade the authorities and to raise public awareness of its importance. Professor Ruan Yisan discussed the conservation and regeneration of China's historic cities and the protection of water towns in the Yangtze River Delta in the light of China's current situation.  He illustrated his talk with examples from past and ongoing projects with which he has been involved.  


Cultural and political awareness are key to the battle to preserve China’s historic towns, according to Professor Ruan Yisan, Director of the Chinese National Research Centre of Historic Cities. Professor Ruan – who is also Chairman of the Yangtze Heritage Foundation and Professor at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University – set out the challenges facing Chinese conservation efforts,  gave an insight into some of the specific problematics facing conservation efforts in China and the need for balanced sustainable urban development. 



This public lecture is accompanied by an exhibition Exhibition on Urban Heritage Conservation in China at Levantis Gallary, UCL Institute of Archaeology, showcasing Prof Ruan's extradonary contribution toward urban historic landscape in China.  

This event was co-hosted by the Centre for Sustainable Heritage and the International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archeology (ICCHA).  

Public Lecture: Chinese Cultural Heritage: Current Situation Its Future
Date: 4pm 19 February 2009
Venue: G6, Institute of Archaeology, UCL

Speaker: Dr Shan, Jixiang (Director-General of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, People's Republic of China)
Topic: Chinese Cultural Heritage: current situation its future

20090219Shan-exchange gift
Professor Shennan greets Dr Shan Jixiang

Prof. S. Shennan, Prof. Rehren and Dr. Wang welcome Dr. Shan

Dr Shan visits conservation lab

Dr Shan visits archaeobotany lab

Dr Shan visits archaeological science lab

Audience welcomes Dr Shan's lecture

Dr Shan's lecture (Dr Wang Tao as a translator)

UCL Provost Professor Malcolm Grant thanks Dr Shan