International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology


Aims and Goals

The International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology's goal is first and foremost to inspire public awareness of China's heritage, one of the richest veins of archaeological material in the world, by making this heritage available and accessible to everyone. In order to do this, the Centre in concerned with facilitating the dissemination of knowledge across cultural barriers and to conduct joint research on some of the most pressing heritage and archaeological problems facing modern China. It is hoped that these goals will develop a global understanding of the way in which China's cultural and economic past can be favourably reflected in today's politics, heritage and tourism.

The Centre is also concerned with developing and promoting new ideas and technologies relating to Chinese archaeology and heritage, in particular the most appropriate methods and techniques of excavation, conservation and management of archaeological sites. This will be achieved by the Centre facilitating the training of the next generation of archaeologists and conservators, and by supporting Chinese archaeological museums in the preservation and presentation of their collections and to promote collaboration between Chinese and UK museums.