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Case Study: Participation of Children and Families

Involving young people to make research more meaningful

Families and children

How can we help to ensure that young people remain at the heart of CPRU research?

It is part of the UK Government's vision that patients and the public should be involved in decisions about their care. Shared decision-making is high on the health agenda.

Public involvement at the research stage, before guidelines or policies are created, is not well-established. But the CPRU, with support from National Children's Bureau, is helping to ensure that the public has a say early on in the research process.

Key Points:

  • Participation of children and families provides important perspectives on the research carried out by the CPRU
  • Young research advisors serve as 'critical friends' to offer constructive input to help shape projects
  • In return, participants receive training and experience that will enhance their CVs and future prospects

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This case study is from the Participation of children and families Cross Cutting theme.

Further information on our Strategy for children, young people, parents and public involvement.