Children and Young People's Mental Health


Ethical Issues in Children and Young People's Mental Health Research

Recordings from the Special Catalyst Seminar on 13th March on 'Ethical Issues in Children and Young People's Mental Health Research'

Dr Susie Walker, NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow, UCL Division of Psychiatry/GOS Institute of Child Health: “The involuntary psychiatric treatment of children and young people”.

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Prof Argyris Stringaris - Respecting adolescent decision making: intro

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Dr Isra Black - Respect for adolescent decision-making in general health law

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Jamie Morgan, Expert Lived Experience Advisor at the Institute for Mental Health at the University of Birmingham and Wellcome Trust’s Mental Health Team: “Ethical considerations in lived experience involvement in research”.

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Panel discussion. Discussant: Prof Ilina Singh, Professor of Neuroscience and Society, University of Oxford.

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